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Red text and icon shift in colors helps for night mode. Not perfect, but what is these days! Does not work correctly on DroidX with Gingerbread. Used to work fine on Froyo but is degrees rotated on Gingerbread. Problem is mo st obvious when in portrait mode. This problem existed in all pre-release Gingerbread drops so not sure why it's getting no fix.

These apps will help you get your stargaze on.

Orientation is incorrect on Droid X using Gingerbread. Totally unusable. This is a fun way to view the sky and the constellations. You can find the big dipper as well as astrology s igns like Aries or Leo. This really is just a fun app and doesn't truly serve a purpose for most users. But if your interested in the stars, this is a nice little app to have.

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The only downsides are the fact movement and response time can be slow. It can also drain your battery if you turn on your GPS location.

This is a great fun app for those interested in the sky but should not be looked at as though your looking through a telescope or used for astronomers for true research it is solely for fun and in which I would recommend anyone who likes to view the starts to try it and see for yourself how fun knowing what the stars in the sky look like from about the planet right from your Android phone. Not For Research. IMHO this is the best app on my phone. Of course I'm a sky nut. Very usable even on my small screen 2.

Too jittery when I move the device around - smooth moves would be better. I feel that would be a modest addition to the app. I love being able to open this app whenever I see a star or constellation that I want to know more about or become familiar with. I like to quiz myself and the app helps me grade my responses. I also use it to teach my two year old about the wonders in the night sky. We love it!

The 5 Best Stargazing Apps for iPhone and Android, Edition | Inverse

Her favorite star: My favorite star s: The winter triangle; Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Procyon. I love the option to display or hide constellation lines or artwork, and love that I can either show or hide the actual surroundings that my camera can see. This app is great, I highly recommend it. I love this app. I really have found it useful in many different time during the beginning of my curiosity into astronomy began. For example, this app has allowed me to locate Saturn and view the planet with the rings right through my backyard telescope On multiple occasions.

The 5 Best Stargazing Apps for iPhone and Android

This app allows for an immersive and breathtaking experience, on an encounter with the stars. However, I do believe the app is lacking a fundamental component that, in , it should already have. I believe this app should have virtual reality integrated into its game face.

In order to allow users to obtain a more integrated, breathtaking, and interactive view with the stars. It sometimes seems as well, that be in large constellations often block the view of any stars, I suggest setting that can rid of the constellation tracing. Finally, do you speak on any specifics. I would suggest an option to change the music tomorrow relaxing and euphoric socks.

Other than that the app is wonderful and has been used by myself another friends for months. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

Google Sky Map

Happy Stargazing! Distant Suns comes with thousands of stars and planets and helps you explore the sky right on your iPhone. It is GPS aware and shows current weather patterns, stories behind each constellation, and more. Star Chart for iPhone: Star Chart for iPhone puts a virtual star chart in your pocket. Just point the app to the sky to find out what you are looking at. Night Sky: You can also track things on your Apple Watch. The app gives you an animated view of the sky above you from sunset to sunrise.

Star Walk 2

GoSkyWatch Planetarium: GoSkyWatch Planetarium is wonderful application that helps you locate and identify planets in the sky. If you are into astronomy, you are going to have a lot of fun with the star finder and other features available with this app. Solar Walk: Solar Walk 3D lets you play with the objects in our solar system right on your iPhone.

It lets you explore the planets and find out all kinds of information about them.