2010 ford escape no phone

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How to perform a master reset | SYNC | Official Ford Owner Site

There are a few things you should do before starting step 1: Your vehicle must be in Park and running, not in Accessory mode. Second set of instructions.

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The SYNC screen will display either: Connecting No phone paired or connected. Press OK. Is this helpful? Thanks for the feedback. Glad we could help. Sorry about that. Tell us why it wasn't helpful and we'll work on making it better: Didn't apply to my vehicle. Didn't provide enough information. Wasn't what I was looking for.

SYNC Workshop: “Pair” a Phone to Your Basic SYNC System

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Don't forget to ask for their help in redeeming your FordPass Rewards Points. Find a dealer Find a Ford dealership in your area. I was led to believe this truck is bluetooth compatible but the dealer whom I spoke with said I'd have to go to future shop and just buy some device and that there is no way to internally configure it to my truck aftermarket. Is this also correct? Just checking bc the person I spoke with sounded as if they hadn't had a morning coffee and didn't really care to speak with me.

I feel like the little 'phone' button on my dashboard is teasing me if it can't ever be used! I press it and it displays 'no phone'. Thanks in advance! PS this dealership is not where I bought my Escape from. Remove Advertisement. Mar 31, Messages: Welcome, glad you made it over here. The code is written on a module under the dash bit the dealer should give it to you for free since the card was missing It's very difficult to explain where the code is written. Even more difficult to see, you might need to remove things or use a mirror to view it. Here's couple pictures but they are for a different year.

Attached Files: Keyless entry door pad code. Apr 8, Messages: The dealer you purchased from should not have sent you off without programming the BT and making sure your code works on the buttons. Mine programmed it for me the day I picked mine up. Do you have Sync in yours?

If so you can pair the BT at home with the manual. Very easy. For the button code, the dealer should provide that to you on their end. If they didn't they need to pay for it. Can't you go back to the original dealer? Or did you buy it far away? Thanks Cuda jim.

I will see if we can find the code ourselves - I am currently waiting to hear back from the dealer that I bought it from. He might be able to track it down for me he got the car from Ford. OK as for bluetooth.

"PHONE" button on radio??

I'm obviously just not knowledgeable on what my car actually comes with. Jerk dude on the phone led me to believe I just have a cute little button with a picture of a phone on it and it will never do anything more than display 'no phone'. I was under the assumption that even though my escape does not have SYNC, I should still be able to program in my iPhone. Is this not true? If you don't buy the SYNC does that mean you can't ever use this button?

I mean sure, I understand that you can go to future shop and buy a device for BT I'm not THAT inept.

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I just wanted to eliminate that step if at all possible! I would say to breeze through the owners manual. I thought the BT portion was through the head unit, but the microphone in my mirror that controls the voice input for Sync also is the same one for the BT. Since upgrading to my new head unit, I paired my phone to the new HU. I would say it goes through the HU though just a guess. I should have noted for the members here that this was started on the old site. Here's the link: Thank you again for the quick responses.

So my hubby climbed under the dash to see if he could locate the keycode. No such luck.

Would it matter if I am in Canada? The truck was still built in Kansas. Anyway, probably just grasping at straws, but he brought the laptop out for reference and still could not find a. In any case Apr 10, Messages: I think that currently, the only way to get the master keycode is for a dealer using their IDS computer. I would not have left the dealership without it. I got mine the day I picked it up. The salesperson even helped me program my own code. Then I tucked away the card in the owners manual pack. I would go back to or at least contact the original dealer you purchased it from.

Then I would not go back to the dealer that is giving you the run around. Thank you again for the support, sinister. OK, so some background. I've got the dealer I bought the truck off of trying to locate the keycode. He's hoping to locate it and is currently looking into it. It was a private dealer, he buys and sells cars from the dealer auctions. I technically bought this truck sight unseen. I mean, I've test drove it at other dealers and I didn't really need to see it in order to know I was going to buy it.

I knew it had super duper low Ks on it because it was a company car previously 12k and was in mint shape. I do actually 'know' the seller, so I know he's not a jerk or screwing me around.