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Highlight the account you want to update, and then click the Properties button on the left. Select the Severs tab, and update the password in the Password field. Click OK to finish. Microsoft Outlook Outlook has had a couple of facelifts over the years, but the process for updating your password hasn't really changed in that time.

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If Outlook doesn't prompt you with an error when you first open it, simply: Click on the File Menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Select Account Settings from the Account Information screen. Outlook will then check that your setting are all good to go. In the Accounts window, simply highlight the account you need to update, and change the password in the password field. When you close the window, Mail will ask you to confirm the change. Select the account you need to update from the left hand menu and enter your new password in the password field.

My IPhone Says Incorrect Password When Trying to Receive an Email

Thunderbird In the top right-hand corner of the screen, click the three-lines icon , then select Options. This window will show you all of the accounts Thunderbird has passwords saved for. If you want to see the current saved password, you can click Show Passwords. After a quick prompt, Thunderbird will show you the passwords saved for these accounts. As there's no option to change the saved passwords, you'll need to select Remove all. Once you've confirmed the removal of your passwords, you'll need to exit Thunderbird by clicking the red X. When you restart Thunderbird, you'll be prompted to enter the new password.

Enter your new password and then click OK to finish.

Scroll down and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select the account you want to update. Tap the Account Tap the Password field, clear it and then enter your new password. Tap Done to finish.

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Windows Phone 8 Select the Settings icon on your homepage - it'll be the one that looks like a cog. Select email and accounts. Scroll down the page, and find the Password field. Update your password here, and tap the tick at the bottom of the page to finish. Tap on the Menu button on your device. It's usually the one to the left of the Home key. Tap on Settings. On the Settings screen, scroll down and find Email.

In this screen, you can also choose the Drafts , Sent , and Deleted folders on the server. This way your folders will be in sync no matter where or how you access your email. Just choose each Mailbox on the same Advanced screen and select the matching folder on the server. If this is the first account you're setting up on the iPhone or the iPod Touch, tap Mail.

Choose your email account type. For setting up email to work with your mt Media Temple service, choose Other. Select Add Mail Account under the Mail section and enter account information.

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On the next screen enter your Grid's account details, including the following. We strongly suggest using your access domain which will work properly with SSL enabled.


This is the default setting on the iPhone. For your DV server, you can use mail. DV users may also use the IP address as well. Tap Save to save the entered information. Your iPhone will then verify your account information. Upon successful completion, you will be taken back to the Mail Settings screen. You will still need to configure your folders since you are using IMAP. Select your newly created account and enter the Advanced section:. Now you will be able to choose the Drafts , Sent , and Deleted folders on the server.

Just choose each Mailbox on the same Advanced screen and select the matching folder on the server: You should now have a fully configured account on your Apple iPhone. In the iPhone mail client, there are two locations for passwords.

How to set the default email account on my Apple iPhone 5

The incoming mail password is on the main configuration screen, but the outgoing mail password may be considered somewhat hidden. Please follow these steps:. How do I check which version iPhone I have?

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