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Free Screen Capture Nokia E72 Apps

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Nokia E72 Android Oreo. Nokia E72 Factory Reset. Nokia E72 Screen Protection. Nokia E72 Connectivity. Nokia E72 Card Slot. Nokia E72 Charging. Nokia E72 Contacts. Nokia E72 Messaging. Many manufacturers will set a press-and-hold action to give you a string of lower case letters. Where you have an alternative character on the E72, it will give you this. So a long press will give you numbers and punctuation, making it easier to bash out emails. The addition of common symbols helps too, like , and. It also offers up a few other treats, such as Bluetooth toggle and setting the phone to the silent profile - practical considerations for those who don't want to be fiddling around with settings for common tasks.

You can also turn on the LED flash on the back with a long press of the spacebar so you can use it as a torch. Dive into the menu and you'll find that little has changed from before. The E72 uses Symbian S60 operating system. It doesn't come across quite so tired in this business-oriented device as it does in some of Nokia's entertainment handsets, but at times to seems a little too fussy. The BlackBerry OS isn't the most dynamic, but we still think it is more visually engaging than what you'll find on the E Of course function is what you are really interested in and as the E72 is principally a communication device, you'll find it is well-specced.

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  8. Essentially you'll be able to dive into the wizard to connect to your Ovi, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Mail for Exchange and Lotus Notes Traveler accounts, or set them up manually. It also has an AGPS and digital compass, and supports Nokia's new Ovi Maps, giving you free voice navigation, a service that we've reviewed separately.

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    Of course you get Bluetooth too. You also get UPnP support. For those who need to hook the E72 up to Outlook to move their calendar and contacts over will have no problems either, with Nokia's PC Suite proving to be an easy-to-use syncing tool. Those shortcut keys on the front give you access to your calendar, contacts and email at a single button press. Unfortunately this is where the OS starts to show its age, as the contacts viewing is rather lacklustre. Sure, all the info is there, but it's displayed in a depressingly diffracted manner. The browser offers a rich experience with Flash support, but in our tests the results were very mixed.

    Navigation of websites can be a little choppy, but we had no problems getting to the information we needed. Nokia's Ovi Store offers you access to apps to customise your handset, but it doesn't have the strength of Apple's App Store or the Android Market, with the pickings not as rich and varied as the rival stores' offerings. Even when you dive into an app, like the Facebook app, you feel you could have had something a little better. This isn't necessarily a criticism of the E72, but of the need for Nokia to inject a little oomph.

    Around the back of the E72 you'll find a 5-megapixel camera, supported by an LED flash. There is no dedicated camera key, relying instead on a shortcut button from the homescreen. Thereafter you get pretty average performance, the lack of a real lens soon showing itself.

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    Once you've grabbed a photo you can quickly share it using Ovi, Flickr or Vox. Video capture gives you x at 15fps, so is nothing to get excited about. We did find at times that the E72 would slow up and stop responding to button presses. Messages telling us to close applications to free up memory were frequent, if somewhat random. Sometimes we'd get these warnings when many applications were open, sometimes with only a couple.

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    We also found some applications becoming totally unresponsive and needing to be reinstalled, as well as the unprompted restart, suggesting that something isn't quite right here. Battery life is good however, offering an advantage over its touchscreen contemporaries by giving a couple of days between charges with average use. However, after an intensive day of call, GPS use and browsing, you'll still need to charge it overnight. If you do plan to abuse the navigation features, you'll want a charger in your car too.