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Click Have Disk In the Install From Disk dialog, click Browse , and then find see your note from step 1 and select the driver file ending with adb written as xxxxxadb , where xxxxxx is the unique file name. Click Open. The installation starts. Click Finish and then restart your computer.

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Your input is valuable! Why didn't you find this information helpful? The instructions are too complicated. I cannot find the information I'm looking for. Please let us know how we can improve this information. Arrow left The screen stays dark after I end a call. Arrow right Which Xperia models will get Android 9. Arrow right.

Sony Xperia ZL (C650X)

User guide. Tablet tools Tablet finder New tablets Popular tablets Compare tablets. Multimedia 9. Internet 9. Call quality 9. Battery 9. Reception 9. Display 9. Build quality 9. Text input 9. Everyday usage 9. UI speed 9. Camera 7. Samsung Galaxy S4. Motorola Moto G. LG G2. LennonRoberto posted on 20 Aug , Pros Performance Overall quality Size. Cons Non expandable storage Camera. Scott posted on 02 Aug , The customization options is only rivaled by more recent releases of the same model. Browsers used Chrome Beta and Firfox.

The same goes for videos. I had taken some videos of Fireworks and the amount of lens flare was very distracting, maybe there's a setting to adjust this but my interest in mobile phone cameras is very low so I cannot claim to have investigated options to resolve this. With age though, the phone has begun to lag on a regular basis. Please note that I am currently using KitKat 4. Using touchless controls makes using the phone in the car safe and effortless, and twisting the phone to activate the camera is the fastest way to launch a camera on any phone.

The near stock Android Interface is also simple and highly customizable to tailor to the needs of any user. Sending texts without touching your devise is also incredibly simple, assuming you speak clear without stuttering. Colors are bright and watching videos is a delight. However, make sure you have the brightness level turned up before you step outside on a bright day as having it at the dimmest setting can make it nearly impossible to see in direct daylight.

It easily lasts me from 4: If you're a mobile gamer, expect this phone to die halfway through your day. Cons Camera is less than impressive. I does take good pictures, but you have to wait for it to focus which may take some time.

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Pros Good design Minimum screen stutters Flip of the wrist to wake up camera Good size, easy to handle Great price. Cons Camera not that great long time to focus Battery not for heavy users Display difficult to read in sunlight no microSD expansion but really haven't needed it. Michaelsalaets posted on 22 Feb , Pros Build Ease of use Good battery Notification peak, signal strength and call quality. PapaSmurf posted on 03 Feb , Apple iPhone 5s. Honestcritic posted on 24 Dec , It's a phone first.

Good pictures. X-8 chipset gets the job done. Anyone who can claim to see the pixel-ation should be a superhero. When not at work I can go two days. Cons only 32 GB storage, not expandable. Commbubba19 posted on 18 Sep , Pros 4. SajjadAZ posted on 25 Jan , Pros Overall a nice one to have Good display and multimedia stuff Camera is avergae.

Cons Camera sounds good just by its name. And it's robust too, dropped it quite a lot of times on hard concrete, not a scratch. Colours are quite realistic and original. Better than Xperia Z. Battery's great for a days use.


All other aspects are just right as we'll. No gimmicks. But the black Colorado is quite good. Goes about 14hours with heavy usage. Pros Always on Voice command. Battery's quite good. The small dimension. Low price tag. Active display. Pros stock android with actual features that are helpful great build quality and although camera got bashed for it being a bad I actually get good pictures from it and it has a pretty loud speaker which I like and call quality is excellent.

iPhone 5C - Review

Cons wish I would have got the 64gb version tho. Sim card tray extended out from phone and the flimsy plastic cover broke off from the metal sim card holder upon accessing. How can you sell a phone knowing the camera is that bad?

No amount of software tweaks can fix. Pros Touchless Google Now Always listening feature. Luiz posted on 30 Jun , Pros Too much to list, everything except the cons.

Original Battery for Sony Xperia ZL L35h Odin Cx X ZQ Liserpc mah | eBay

Cons No external storage No removable battery. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. Cons Camera Earpiece. FoxTeam posted on 16 Jan , Front camera is great for chatting and video calls. UI so smooth. Pros everthing is great good battery touchless control. TBolt posted on 15 Dec , Solid build.

Great screen. Very comfortable to hold. The phone's appearance is customizable when ordering through motomaker. This is Chrome the way Google intended. Google Now is excellent and always getting better. The device even has a sound equalizer feature built-in with presets to adjust the sound Motorola has already released one camera update since I've had the phone I expect anyone else's camera concerns will be addressed in future updates.

The phone takes shots very quickly so I can capture the shot I didn't want to miss. Best of all, I can start the camera with a simple twist of the wrist -- no need to unlock the phone, find the camera icon and wait for the camera to boot up. Android is really, really smooth. None of my other phones offered that kind of longevity.

I like the swipe feature; however, I use my voice to "write text" most of the time, now -- the Moto X is great at understanding voice input! The p HD screen on the Moto X is satisfying enough for smartphone use. Cons images taken with the camera can be improved Noise cancellation could help Touchless Control a bit better in noisier situations No expandable storage. Pros Extremely snappy performance Excellent build quality Great display yes p, no it doesn't matter Active Notifications Touchless Voice controls Best voice quality and reception out there Great loudspeaker believe it or not Near stock Android Ergonomic design.

Cons No MicoSD slot. Pros strong and sharp display active notifications. Copa Ver tudo desta categoria. Signos Ver tudo desta categoria. Ordenar por: Filtrar por: Filtro aplicado: Design Smartphone Vitrola. Motorola Moto G4 Play. Motorola Moto G4 Plus. Motorola Moto X play. Motorola Moto Z Play.

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