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Microsoft Surface , Samsung Galaxy S8. It did not work for me Windows 7, bit system. I get an error after the installation has gone for a while. Screenshot attached. Attached Thumbnails. Won't work for me..

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Every softwares are working with the visual studio update 3. But I don't have succeed to register my ativ s phone because the Windows Phone Developer Registration program is unable to connect the phone. When I connected it to pc, windows installed two drivers: Is it useful? Any suggestions to make my ativ s recognized by the registration programm on windows 7?

Jan Gampanat I would try installing Visual Studio Update 3 first. The sequences I went through were: Install the SDK. The tools wouldn't work I forget what the error was 4.

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Update Visual Studio to Update 3. When I had to rebuild my Windows 7 box, I did the following: Install Visual Studio 2. Install Visual Studio Update 3.

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Everything "just worked" using this sequence. I'd check your internet connection and make sure the tool can get out to the servers ok. Jul Certificate Error. Aug Thanks compu and all for your help, I install success with steps: Install VS ultimate with SP2 already have before 2. Install VS SP3 3.

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Apps created with this SDK will still work only on Windows Phone 7.5

Android Software Development. OEM-exclusive apps were deployed and available to end-users in a separate channel available only on OEM-specific hardware. A user could download games and apps from the Windows Phone Store; if an Xbox live account is enabled, the store could be accessed remotely from the phone itself. Microsoft had lined up a wide range of popular games to be available from the launch of Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone Store grew swiftly since its launch and by February , it had outgrown Blackberry App World with 70, apps available a milestone that Blackberry App World passed in March In June , after 20 months, Windows Phone Marketplace has reached , apps.

The growth to achieve , apps was faster than Android with 24 months, but slower than iOS with 16 months. Apps in Windows Phone Store are subjected to a content policy, which exists to guide app developers, and to facilitate a restriction or banning of certain content.

Tutorial: Install Windows Phone 8 SDK on Windows 7 the Easy Way

Suggestions or depictions of prostitution , sexual fetishes , or generally anything that "a reasonable person would consider to be adult or borderline adult content" are forbidden from the marketplace, even after the unification with Windows Store. NET Compact Framework. However, in some countries, [ which? A subset of Windows Runtime objects allow code reuse on Windows 8 and later.

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A subset of the traditional Windows API is also available. Finally, use of third-party frameworks such as Unity is also supported. With couple of configuration steps complying with "separation of concerns" , users can generate a production-ready app for Windows Store. Once all the configuration and look and feel is set, this online studio let you publish the app directly to Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone App Studio make it significantly easy for non-developers to publish homebrew or small business apps without indulging them in source code or hiring a developer, it can be leveraged as a starting point for professional developers for boilerplate code generation. Once all the configuration is made, in addition to publishing the app, the user can actually download the Visual Studio project for advanced editing.

This opens a new paradigm for rapid development, where the developers get initial assertion from clients in the form of readymade prototype code. The service is free of cost and requires to sign in with Microsoft Account. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may be too technical for most readers to understand. Please help improve it to make it understandable to non-experts , without removing the technical details.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Windows Phone App Studio.

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It's not the new unified Windows Store Microsoft's universal app store for Windows 10 goes live on the web". Windows Mobile PowerUser. Retrieved August 28, Retrieved August 3, Windows Dev Center. Retrieved March 6, Windows Phone Central. June 5, August 8,