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This does not take long and you wil You will need the 3. Download it, install it and run it. Make sure iTunes This hack works on the iPho Purplesn0w and Purplera1n are both very powerful tools for jailbreaking an iPhone, and this video will show you how to use them! Before you begin, it's important to know that this tutorial will only work if you have 3. If not, download it, or check out another video In this clip, learn how to install OS 4 on your iPhone or iPod Touch before it is released to the public.

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This is not the final Apple approved version, so you will be missing some small things like wallpapers and iBooks but you should still have plenty to play around with whil The presenter of this tutorial demonstrates how to unlock an iPhone 3G or 3GS using blacksn0w firmware 3. The tutorial includes 3 main steps: As it turns out, many of the best features in IOS 4. No disrespect to the 5 S , but I'm not upgrading until I can unlock with a retina scan or get Siri to sound like Scarlett Johansson.

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However, I wouldn't mind making my aging iPhone loo Rounded rectangle icons are so Sure iOS 7 tweaked them a bit, but with the clean new approach to design that software is taking today, they're starting to look dated. Today I'm going to show you how to go full circle with your iPhone's icons, and the results are actually For those of you who have been taking full advantage of the jailbreak for iOS 8 that's available, you can understand and appreciate what this really offers iPhone users—sovereignty. Unlike Android, iOS is not as easy to manipulate or control, which is why people love to jailb It's no secret that most people who got an iPhone 5 or upgraded their old iPhone to iOS 6 have been sorely disappointed with Apple Maps.

Even worse, Google exec Eric Schmidt sa You know how you can personalize your computer desktop by pinning any picture you want as the background? You can do the same thing with phones - well, iPhones. Since nowadays it seems everyone and their mother has an iPhone or iPod Touch, make sure your iGadget looks differen Want to spruce up your iPhone with a new background theme? The 24K theme is perfect. You can download the 24K iPhone theme and.

IF you're new to modding your iPhone Watch this video to learn how to install the iPhone theme on your LG Cookie. If done incorrectly, you may encounter some errors. Always make sure your battery and sim card are out of your iPhone to prevent damage or confusion. You will need to obtain the following file, found If you were thinking about Jailbreaking, but were afraid you did not have the technical abilities to do so, now you In this tutorial, learn how to jailbreak your new iOS 4 on your iPhone or iPod. This jailbreak will let you take advantage of cool new features including the huge app superstore: Step 1: Download and install the latest version of iTunes.

Step 2: Now start iTunes As you know, Skype from app store can only be used on wifi.

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  8. This video shows you how to use 3G Unrestrictor from Cydia so that you can make calls using Skype on 3G. Combine this with Backgrounder Cydia app a This video will show you how to play on your Xbox using your iPhone 3GS.

    3 Free and Stunning DreamBoard Themes for iOS 5.1

    In order to do that just follow these steps: You will need to get a Slingbox Solo, a composite cable and the Slingbox Player installed on your device. Now you will need to plug in the composite cable If your iPad, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch is already on a tethered jailbreak, this is the tutorial on the new Redsn0w release for all you experienced users.

    Top 5 themes of iphone 3gs/4 (DreamBoard)

    An untethered jailbreak is a type of jailbreak where the device does not require rebooting with a connection to an external j This video illustrates the method of Downgrading the iPhone 3Gs firmware from version 3. The process is composed of the following steps -Step 1Download the iPhone 3Gs firmware version 3. You can find this on apple's official site or y Apple's iOS 4.

    It was the first significant update for the iPad since its introduction. And when there's a new firmware update for iOS, there's always a new I hope you haven't updated past here if you want to jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking gives you access to many open ended applications and games. This is In this video from sjsharksiPodtouch we learn how to jailbreak your iPhone 3Gs with firmware 3. However, I wouldn't mind making my aging iPhone look more like the latest and greatest, and it can be done by changing the theme on an iPhone 4 to match the physical color schemes of the 5 S.

    If you have a jailbroken iPhone 4, 4S, 5, or even a 5S, you can download the perfect theme to match the three iPhone 5 S colors. If you want a clean theme that perfectly matches your 5S with over supported app icons, then Anode was made for you. And best of all, unlike many of the cooler Cydia themes, this one is free.

    Best Themes for 3GS iOS : iOSthemes

    As with most themes, you'll need WinterBoard on your jailbroken iOS device in order to install Anode's themes. Once you've entered the repo into Cydia, the themes should automatically be added to your WinterBoard. You can double-check by searching for Anode in the Search section of Cydia to see if there's a green check mark next to it.

    Below, you can see what they all look like on my iPhone 4. The first is Space Grey , then Silver , and lastly Gold. Pretty cool, huh? Since my iPhone 4 is black, I think the Space Grey theme looks the best. Make sure to mess around with the background images as well if you want to get more pop out of the lighter themes. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts.