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You also need a computer to act as a middleman to transfer documents, books or PDFs from Android to iPhone. Once again, if you are using a Mac, you will need to install the Android File Transfer application. Instead, visit the App Store on your iOS device, download the relevant app and sign in with the correct account details to access your content from these third-party services.

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Can I still use Google services? What about my peripherals? If you have already set up your iPhone, you will need either to erase it and set it up again to use the Move to iOS app or to move your data manually, as detailed further on in this report. This will delete everything on your iPhone.

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Check capacity. How much content are you planning to move to your iPhone? Make sure that it does not exceed the capacity of your new device. Update Chrome.

If you want to transfer your Chrome bookmarks from the Android device to the iPhone, make sure that you update the browser on the Android device first. The Find Your Code screen should appear. When it does, tap Next , and reach for your iPhone. On the iPhone, tap C ontinue on the Move from Android screen. Wait until a ten- or six-digit code appears. You should enter this code into your Android device The Transfer Data screen appears.

How to switch from Android to iPhone

This lets you select the data you want to migrate to your iPhone. Be warned: If you are transferring a lot of data, the process can take a long time. Once the loading bar finishes on your iPhone, you can tap Done on your Android device Do not do so until the iPhone says the process is over.

Now you can tap Continue on your iPhone and follow the instructions to set it up. Moving files manually You can move files manually, though this is more time-consuming than using the Move to iOS app. Depending on what you need to transfer, you will need: If you are using a Mac, you must install Android File Transfer.

Select the photos and videos you want to transfer and place them in a folder on your computer.

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Once you have salvaged all these assets, you can connect your iPhone, open iTunes and follow these instructions to sync these items to your iOS device. Freeware Language: English Release date: Review by editorial. About Move to iOS. A terrible array of connectivity issues, requiring such extensive workarounds like switching to Wi-Fi mode or removing saved Wi-Fi networks, really doesn't show Move to iOS in any good light.

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The app will securely and automatically take care of the file transfer, grabbing your contacts, messages, gallery photos, bookmarks, email accounts, and calendar entries, and transferring them to their respective equivalents in your iPhone or iPad. With Move to iOS, you won't need another device to mediate the file transfer - your iOS device will create a private Wi-Fi network that your Android device will connect to. From there, just enter a security code in the app, and everything works automatically from there.

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