Blackberry curve 9330 delete all contacts

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If your phone is unresponsive you can also perform a soft reset. This will stop all applications on the BlackBerry device and will not result in data loss.

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The procedure has only few steps:. How to Master Reset the Curve It is recommended to perform a back-up of the data as a master reset results in deleting all settings. Next choose what type of information you wish to have removed: Emails, Contacts, etc: Delete all applications which were not included in the original handheld software Media Card: Delete all content from a MicroSD memory card. Enjoy your brand new device. The procedure has only few steps: The device will power cycle meaning that the reset has started.

The BlackBerry Smartphone will shut down, and the keys can now be released. The BlackBerry Smartphone will now restart with a fresh new system.

How to Delete Names From My Contact List | It Still Works

From our logs we know that you already chosen the use of the ActiveSync. How to import contacts for BB OS Hi, your first request was answered during one hour. Then you reported it doesn't work for you and we asked our technical team to check what should be a problem and it takes time. Anyway you are using FREE service and you feel answer less than one hour as bad service? Sorry, but it is not fair from you!

We are doing best. Answered via private email. I transferred my contacts from Blackberry Z10 to Phone Copy. I transferred the contacts from Phone Copy to my iphone5 and lost all contacts that were on iPhone 50 total. The sync was set to transfer and save both ways. Can I retrieve the lost contacts from iPhone?

Hello, according to our log, you picked one-way sync from server which deleted all contacts on the phone. You should be able to retrieve the old contacts from iCloud if you have or iTunes backup. Sorry messages sync on Blackberry is not supported now.

Backup contacts from BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330

I would like to delete my phonecopy account as if I never signed up. How do I do that? I would like to start fresh as my contacts are all duplicated and tripled now and there is so simple way to fix it. For any cases there is available Duplicates manager which solves duplicates. Also in the account settings there is option to terminate account. Kindly help me with the solution. Hello, it is an issue for BlackBerry support. If this issue concerns BlackBerry Desktop Software, I found some solution and it is a downgrade of this software to older version current version contains a bug.

For more information contact your BlackBerry support. How to transfer the contacts from phonecopy to sd card in blackberry q5. Hi, to get contacts synchronized to BlackBerry Q5 works when you will follow our guide https: Hi, I stored my all contact in Phoncopy. The only option show up in BB copy contact to server, there is no option to copy from server to contact. Please check following guide. R K Lakhanpal email- rklp. Other accounts are ignored. You can import contacts from other accounts to BlackBerry contacts and then synchronize.

Please check following link https: Sorry, correct is https: This means that you have only one contact in BlackBerry contacts account.

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The remaining contacts are stored in another account s. We recommend to import the remaining contacts in to "BlackBerry contacts" account and then backup.

Or you can use the Active sync for automatic two-way sync using our "How to Thank you for contacting us. We will figure out what went wrong and will get back to you as soon as possible. Please check our guide: Can you please check once more?

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Please advise. Microsoft Exchange activesync is solution to get contacts synchronized TO device. I would like to insert contacts from another phone in my phone copy account.

How to Master Reset the Curve 9300

I don't have the phone anymore but the file is still in my phone copy account as not synchronized. Is this possible? Hi, there is alternative solution to synchronize Calednar from PhoneCopy. Connect your Z10 to PhoneCopy using Exchange server settings. It is limilar to Windows Phone settings https: I didn't see the second group in my contacts app on the BB and looked in the original email account.

Also there on the phone contacts. Many thanks to the Team for a great product. I'll be quiet now I goofed with the wrong email address. I'm stumped. Hi guys - I really wanted this to work. I got my contacts here in Phonecopy fine then followed the instructions attached and on the YouTube to the letter for synch onto a Z10 and at the end of the process got a message "This account has already been added" "OK". Press OK and sadly no contacts were synched. Please help1 What did i do wrong? Thanks anyone. Hi, from our records it looks you have synchronized all your contacts to BlackBerry phone.

How do I restore my contacts from phonecopy server to my blackberry z